Who Are YOU??

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Never once in the entirety of the Bible does God define that the eternal reward is for a specific category of person. Your King of Kings does not discriminate between races, genders, denominations, or cultures, but instead offers salvation freely to all who believe that Jesus, God’s only son, willingly died and rose again for us to redeem our sins. JESUS CONQUERED DEATH so we may have hope for all of eternity!!

Why then are many still disputing about their doctrines over another? Why would any believer, even an educated person that attended seminary, think that they are able to offer salvation to another? We are each equipped to reflect God’s love, speak in authority, and display the righteousness placed upon us by our Father.

BUT… JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE THE SOUL OF ANOTHER, because he is the only one who’s purpose as defined by God was to come to earth as a perfect, sinless human that would become our sin, suffer and die so that none of us would be irredeemable.

I will say it again… NONE ARE IRREDEEMABLE when they put their love, hope, and faith in Jesus. NONE. As believers, we are all part of one family. God does not favor anyone based on their denomination, race or gender, and he has a Godly purpose for each of us that is uniquely our own.

I am… a hugger, a connector, a leader, a pioneer, an independent thinker, a challenger of status quo, and a questioner.

I am STRONG in my identity as a daughter of Christ, and I want others to enjoy the God-given freedom that is freely given to all believers, guiding them away from the confinements and pain of division, tradition, competition, exclusion, denominational bias, racial prejudice, unrighteous pride and arrogance, tension and stress, discontentment, confusion of identity, feelings of worthlessness, comparison, and judgment.

“You were cleansed from your sins when you obeyed the truth, so now you must show sincere love to each other as brothers and sisters. Love each other deeply with all your heart.”
1 Peter 1:22 NLT

Talk to God and ask him who he has created YOU to be. There is so much strength and freedom in being secure in our identity. Who ARE you? Meditate on it and then comment below. I am…. ???

(Originally Published on Medium.com by Steph on April 15, 2023)

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