Refuel Your Fire, It’s a Daily Battle in This World

Image by Yuri from Pixabay

Do you have a child that is questioning their identity? (Get this message to them!) Are you struggling with anger and frustration? Questioning your purpose? There are battles raging around us, now more than ever, and the very essence of our souls are feeling the effects. In those moments, it’s important to refuel as we push away the voices that press in on us from all sides, because we need to build up our strength before going back out into the world.

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Find your favorite place to sit, get comfy and settle in. Ready? Pull up the Bible app or whatever you have handy, and find Psalms 68, whatever version speaks most to you. Start reading it, slowly and aloud, with a hand raised to the heavens, and feel your soul FILL WITH THE POWER FROM YOUR CREATOR. Feel your strength restore before you head back out into the world for another day.

Psalms 68:27 (TPT) “Astonishingly, it’s the favored youth leading the way: princes of praise in their royal robes and exalted princes are among them, along with princes who have wrestled with God.

The power of God within us will defeat any feelings of overwhelm, loneliness, or confusion, and we can tap into it at any moment. It is ALWAYS available to us, day or night, and with today’s technology, it is right at your fingertips.

Keep this in your back pocket, because you never know when you will need to pass along this power to someone else who feels as if they are losing the battle of life.

(Originally published on Feb. 9, 2023, on by Steph)

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